At Pineway Productions, we specialize in recording pre-production. The rates charged by major recording studios for independent projects are at an all time high. Now more than ever, studio time is at a premium, and the value of pre-production is frequently overlooked. The time spent on preparation before entering the studio can save thousands over the life of a project. Too often artists enter the studio with the idea that there will be an unlimited amount of time for experimentation, deliberation, and the development of their musical vision. Without a large budget, and without the backing of a major record label, this can be a costly misconception. In house producers at many studios for hire charge the same studio rate for pre-production that is incurred during actual tracking.

Musical arrangements, instrumentation, vocal harmonies, and solid lyrics should all be evaluated and strengthened during the pre-production process. Songwriting is a craft that can always benefit from objective review. Record production is a skill that bonds the artistic vision to a physical medium. Pre-production assists in the development and clarification of that vision. It is an artistic endeavor that should not be hurried due to the constraints of a tight budget.

Pineway can also assist you with the technical aspects of pre-production so you know what to expect before entering a tracking facility. We will review the principles of microphone selection/placement, pre-amplification, equalization, and compression. We will examine the basic operations of various digital audio editors including Pro Tools, and the benefits of digital versus analog recording. An enhanced level of basic knowledge will always result in greater creative control over your project.  We are dedicated toward the fullfilment of your vision, and we will do whatever you deem necessary.

    At Pineway, our consultants will make you feel at ease during the evolution of your artistic vision. We utilize several studios in the Nashville, TN area depending upon convenience and budgetary restraints.  We also have several small writer studios to accomodate the initial steps toward your artisitic goal.  Our specialists have assisted with projects in the most extraordinary circumstances including long distant situations.  By employing our internet servers for large file transfers, and the use of email and telephone communications, we can accomodate almost every need.

Our producers can also assist you throughout the entire evolution of your project.  From pre-production to post-production, Pineway can step in and work with you side by side.  We have experience in producing all genres of music from country to jazz fusion.  We have skilled engineers on board experienced in the use of today's sophisticated technology.  Pineway is affiliated with several major tracking studios, mastering studios, and duplication/pressing facilities.  From post-inception to release, Pineway is prepared to assist you every step of the way.

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