Pineway Productions Nashville

Pineway Studios was created in 1976 by two multi-instrumentalist published songwriters, David Calvin Johnson and Timothy John Tracy.  Throughout the 1970's and 80's, they performed in various bands including the Breed, Canyon, Medusa, and the Rusty Spur Band.  During their final year on stage, they performed 186 times at a broad variety of venues.

Pineway began as a private four-track analog writers studio.  It incorporated resources from the staff writers studio at Polygram Record's publishing company in Nashville.  Pineway continued to grow into eight-track analog, and has consistently grown ever since.  Much of the valve based analog equipment was retained over the years as creative tools to warm up today's digital medium.  Pineway now has incorporated state of the art converters and audio processing equipment.  Several digital work stations include a variety of cutting edge editors.  Pineway is affiliated with several large studios in the Nashville area to accomodate every need.

    Pineway Productions Nashville evolved over time as an alternative source of pre-production assistance for inexperienced artists seeking to record their own project.  With the advent of digital recording, many studios for hire began to enter the scene. Projects began to be recorded on the clock by in house producers that devoted little time to pre-production. This phenomenon, based on a bottom line philosophy, created cookie-cutter recordings with very little attention given to the artist's creative vision. Pineway Productions is dedicated to that vision and the production of unique original recordings.

Pineway Productions is pleased to announce it's association with Vital Records Nashville, and the Writer's Room music publishing company.